Self generating power wireless doorbell

1 .The wireless doorbell remote control transmitter relies on the button power generation technology to energize, get rid of the battery limitation, and does not need to be powered by the battery. The main application villas, apartments, hotels and offices, etc.

2.Simple design, no need for help from professionals or installers, you can move the installation position at will, without destroying the aesthetic effect of the room decoration

3.Adopting wireless high-frequency transmission technology, innovative "same frequency and different code" function, one machine and one code, eliminating the trouble of users interfering with each other

4.The straight-line distance of the open area is not less than 100 meters, and the obstacle-blocking effect is far superior to similar products in the industry.

5.Environmental factors such as electromagnetic interference, installation in closed irondoors, shielding, and dry and wet weather conditions may affect the use of wireless doorbells.

6.When the doorbell rings, the indicator light is flashing, so that people with hearing impairments know that the doorbell is ringing.

7.The doorbell is music uses two-tone or eight-chord sounds, and the sound is beautiful and pleasant. There are 38 music for selection

8.Certified CE/RoHS

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