Sensor/Sound control/Touch switch

The switch is a kind of high technology intelligent product ,by way of photoresistance to control switch ,it does not work in the daytime, until at night or dim light switch can be activate, if someone walks within the area of induction ,switch will begin to work, load will also be operated, lights are lit , it comes to the purpose by way of moving body can send a certain wavelength infrared ray, refraction by lens repeatedly ,enable thermolysis Infrared probe can sense the change of Infrared wavelength ,then through amplifying circuit processing ,As long as human body still move within the area of induction,Load will last for working until human body left and then delay a certain time to closed , Its function is stable and reliable, safety and energy saving, which is an ideal choice for modern intelligent quality life.

Scope: Suitable for building, corridor, balcony, garage, basement etc. which is an ideal choice for modern Intelligence quality life.

Note: other color and voltage can be customized.

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