Intelligent Electronic Door Plate

1. Click the "Doorbell" button on the bell room switch to let guests know there are visitors at the door.

2. Guests press the "do not disturb" switch in the room. The "Do Not Disturb" pattern on the screen outside the door lit up behind it. Tip, do not disturb. At this point, the doorbell button doesn't work.

3. The guest presses the "please clean up" switch in the room Outside the screen, the "please clean up"pattern lights up Tip needs cleaning.

4. When the guest enters the room and inserts a card, the doorbell button lights up., Inform service that the guest room is occupied.

5. The LCD room number lights up all day, making the room number clear at night.

6. Imported Acrylic or glass panel, always bright as new,LCD display screen, brightness even ,standard 86 basebox installation.

7. Personality hotel logo ,show the level of hotel.

Note: other color and voltage can be customized.

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