Insert Card For Power Switch

This product is designed to work as a card control method,When you insert the card into the switch, the switch responds immediately and start Load and light the bulb As long as the card is not pulled out, the load will always be charged.After the card is pulled out, the delay is delayed and the power is automatically cut off.

The card access switch is mainly divided into the following categories according to the different types of cards:

1. Magnetic card inserted to take power(only magnetic cards can take power)

2. Ordinary cards inserted to take power (ordinary cards can take power)

3. Ordinary IC card inserted to take power (exclusive ordinary IC card can take power )

4. Intelligent IC card inserted to take power (exclusive Mifare and Temic,IC card can take power)

5. Voice card for power (","Hello "," Welcome "," Thank you for coming next time ")

Scope:apply to hotel, guest rooms,tea rooms,boxes,family etc.

Note: other color and voltage can be customized

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