Intelligent Touch switch

Panel Material : Acrylic,toughened glass.

Color decoration : Champagne gold,Mirror black.

Control method : one way control,two way control and multiple control.

Backlight effect : Press button use LED back light, turn off the light state is blue, lights on state is red

Installation method : Standard basebox Preburial.

Function configuration : capacitive type, anti-static,dampproof, dustproof, N wire L wire design,single fire design,super load,DIY.

Customize your enjoyment

Exclusively afford high-end intelligent configuration for hotel,Each button characters or patterns from one gang to four gang ,all can be customized at random,and also print your hotel name, the method is very good too meet each client's different demand,and get more satisfaction,Enable client to check in the hotel and has a clear purpose to use our intelligent touch doorbell.

Taste,you can enjoy exclusively,Layout design,newest touch technology,Ultrathin design,entirely new experience,Very Humanized interface.

Note: other color and voltage can be customized

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