About Us
MRT is a professional smart home electrical products R & D, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises. The company has modern production lines, dozens of inspection process, strict quality assurance system, have given meaning to create high-quality, all products are manufactured using high quality raw materials, Seiko secret agents, what they seem.
Products related to access control, intelligent switches, to take power switch, touch switch and a series of intelligent control products and control systems, products widely used in high-end hotels, luxury clubs, hotels, motels, convention centers, etc.,are also used in apartment , Townhouse and other modern office building market.
The company has a commitment to the smart home industry for many years the elite marketing team, combined with years of business management experience and capital, forthe future, we will continue to abide by integrity, tireless, enterprising and innovative, taken many long, gradually expanding scientific research, production and management strength, and provide consumers with high-quality smart home products and services, establish a good corporate reputation and image, so that MRT and gradually developed into the domestic and international well-known field ofintelligent home of the modern enterprise.
"Enjoy this moment-MRT"!
Brand positioning:
Intelligent switches and electrical and electronic parts suppliers MRT is a smart switch and electrical and electronic accessories in the form to share
with our clients the wisdom of the MRT Enterprises

Core values:
respect for creation to enjoy Respect is the foundation for all communication, we not only have respect for others,
while also respecting our products, Respect we have to face every day and things,
tangible and intangible things;
Create a productive and create is the value of each of us embodies a way of life is our faith to the letter;
Enjoy an attitude to life, we need to carefully enjoy life, enjoy life to us bit by bit.

Brand mission:
to explore and design of high-quality products to help customers create a sophisticated living environment and enjoy Quality products is our relentless pursuit of the MRT, we have done everything to help customers Users to create sophisticated and enjoyable living environment
Brand is defined:
the wisdom to enjoy life
Stewart is not just a U.S. manufacturer, is a customer to create a living environment to enjoy the company,
We must do everything to help our intelligence customers to create a comfortable, safe living environment.

Brand vision:
to create intelligent switch national brand;
Most close to the user to explore and design the most practical, safest, most environmentally
friendly intelligent switches, electronic components parts, China s best efforts to develop
intelligent switches and electronic components suppliers; Hope everyone at home or elsewhere
to the United States can experience the results of Stewart s best, are able to enjoy Mayer
Special products brought enjoyment.

Core concepts:
Our electric housekeeper Our Electric Butler
We not only produce a good product, we pay more attention to quality service, our low profile
Serve the public, so that we serve more respect for us;

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