Doorbell switch

1. Easy to install Back of remote control with double sided adhesive and installation holes It can be pasted to the wall or fitted with screws.

2. Long distance for control ,which can come to 250 meter in open accessibility Area, actually no dead angle in used.

3. Only change battery for one time each year, Doorbell is supplying by alternating current ,Any alternating current double hole socket can use it.

4. Compact body, it not only used as a wireless doorbell ,but also can be used as Pager for elderly (easy to hold, button is huge).

5. A variety of chord music, A melodious voice, sound quality, Key to select music type can adjust the volume in five gears.

6. One machine, one yard. ,It doesn't appear in the neighbor code error.

7. High-frequency sound meter stability Launch reception is stable and very reliable ,Free from temperature and climate.

8. Scope:apply to hotel,guest rooms, tea rooms,boxes ,family etc.

Note: other color and voltage can be customized.

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