Intelligent touch wifi switch

1. Wherever you are, you can control the socket remotely from your phone such as Power's on,power's off,set time count down.

2. Supports cat elf voice control, say a word to control the socket.

3. Time switch, can set countdown, cycle timing, scientific management of electrical appliances use time,convenient, energy saving.

4. Double control function That is, two switches control one lamp, and one can be multi-controlled, without the need for another dual control line.

Key description:

1. Touch key short press: turn on / off, long press: 5S above indicator flash, connect to wireless WiFi network.

2. LED indicator(blue light flashing indicates search for Wi-Fi signal, blue light always on indicates "Wi-Fi connection success"

3. Red light indicates that the switch is on, red light out indicates that the switch is off.

4. Support system: Android 4.0 /ios 7.0 and above version.

5. Wireless connection: Wi-FiLEEE802. 1b/g/n2.4GHz.

Note: other color and voltage can be customized.

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