USB Socket

The USB socket is a socket with a rechargeable multifunctional combination,At present, in the power supply combination than the traditional socket can not only meet the modern electricity demandIt also combines AC and DC power.Its role is to supply bothordinary electrical appliances and USB interface appliances at the same time.

Simple and fast installation of USB sockets It is roughly the same as other ordinary socket installation methods.It can support the use of walls or devices.

The function of a USB socket in the charging part of a mobile phone or tabletIn addition to the creative design of the USB socket There is also a stable and excellent quality in the use of socketsAnd currently added to the USB socket can be installed on the wall panel.

Attention To USB Socket Usage

When using USB sockets, pay attention to correct selection. Because of the different specifications of the USB socket performance will be different That is,according to the total capacity of the household appliance or other equipment and the specific operating environment,Choose a suitable size USB socket.

Do not touch with your hands when using an UBS socket at its interface,If you do not touch the words, it will lead to accidents such as electric shock.

The rated current and voltage of the USB socket shall be in accordance with the actual electricity supply.Do not run at any overload Otherwise, lest the line be overloaded and burn the gum wood, causing a short circuit or causing a burning socket.

As far as possible, the wall installation for the USB socket is located in a dry, clean and dust-free location.In case it's installed in some harsh environment.This causes the USB socket to suffer moisture corrosion and short-circuit and cause a fire.

Note: other color and voltage can be customized.

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